If you nurture them, you might discover a true kindred spirit. But before you dive into a full-on partnership arrangement business, romantic or otherwise , sniff things out by teaming up on a small project to see how your energies mesh.

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The third house is also associated with communication and self-expression, making this a great time to speak your mind—and not resort to tactics of being passive-aggressive or manipulative. As someone who shares selectively, when you do express yourself, your words can pack a wallop.

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But letting a dominating personality wrest control could tank the mission for everyone! While this might cause a little bit of tension, it will be better than cleaning up the aftermath of their unqualified reign! If people are resisting your leadership, stop and check in. They may have some important feedback that can help shape the vision to be more inclusive for everyone.

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Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Aries : The path of independence may be calling you, and this is certainly a good time for forging ahead — on your own if necessary — to do whatever you feel is important. Perhaps the challenge this week is to strike a balance between autonomy and togetherness. Whatever you can do and share with others, do so.

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Whatever you have to do alone, do it. You can learn a lot about yourself this week by daring to be different and treading the un-trodden path, so make it your mission not to stick in your comfort zone.

If you push out into uncharted territory, you will be rewarded. Discover a personal profile and 1-year forecast based on advanced calculations of your name and birth date. Numerology Report. Taurus : Are you heading in the right direction? If the answer is no or not quite, use this week to make the necessary tweaks and alterations to help get yourself to where you need to be.

Taurus folk can sometimes get stuck in habits and patterns or feel that even if the grass is greener over the hill, it might be too much effort to get there. Need a guide for your growth and personal evolution based on astrological influences upon your personality? New Age Natal Report.

Gemini : This week, you could lose your sense of perspective or feel like a spinning top. The best antidote to this is to ground yourself, preferably in nature. However, even just visualizing roots coming out through your feet and anchoring you into the earth will have a stabilizing effect. Life is bound to be busy. Your social life, for example, could be a whirlwind, or you might decide to explore new territory, which could leave you feeling the need for a firmer foundation.

None of this will last long, so it might be a case of enjoying it while you can. Just remember to ground yourself from time to time; otherwise, you could find yourself floating off!

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This interpretation of your birth chart is written in simple language could be beneficial in self undestanding. Merlin Report. Cancer : The transformation theme continues this week, so examine your life to assess what can stay and what needs to go. If you would benefit from rejuvenation, then a session with a healer or therapist could enable you to feel better about yourself. The aim is to leave some troubling aspect of yourself or your life behind. By February 12 and the First Quarter Moon, you will have some sort of progress, when it feels as though constructive developments are taking place.

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February 16 Aquarius Personality

Simply spending time with people you like will be a tonic, helping you to feel more positive about any difficulties you are experiencing. Meanwhile, Jupiter in your fun zone reminds you that the point of life is to enjoy it so reactivate an old hobby or discover a new one. Fall in love with something or someone. Invite more color and spontaneity into your life.

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Make space in your daily life for things you enjoy, and your zest for life will soon return. The Sabian symbol for Aquarius representatives born on February 16th of two years following a leap year:. Both these symbols speak of a man's connection with nature and they will often emphasize a person's need to fight for the planet, wildlife, and give money to charitable causes that serve Mother Nature. Flowers and the tree are cut down, and they both have a purpose in their roles — one of them to look pretty and smell good, and the other to give warmth and practical value to the choice of cutting it down.

In each case, something has to die to give humans what they need, and this can be a troubling thought for those born on the 16th of February. With a strong push into the unknown they constantly feel in their stomach, individuals born on February 16th have a task to share Divine Love they carry in their hearts with the world.

Their mission is marked by Neptune itself, and while one could find purpose in romance and physical pleasures, this is a date that asks for much more, for deep forgiveness, awareness of emotional Self, and true love, idealized and perfect — as it must be. Their purpose in this world is to create and inspire, be the muse or find a muse, and be the music others hear when momentum for creation takes over. Hopefully, they will leave something behind for the rest of us to admire and dive into.

As if they are emotional on a higher scale, individuals born on February 16th aren't always in love with another person as much as they can be inspired and in love with life itself. Whatever they choose to do needs to come from the heart or they won't do it well. We might say that they are dependent on their feelings, positive or negative, and need to shake of the dependency, set free, and finally start living in the moment without chasing ghosts from the past or visions of the future.

They want their partner to be different from everyone they have ever met, someone to love them unconditionally and embrace their weirdness too. It is in their nature to seek perfection and the ideal of love is their final destination, but only if they are brave enough to reach high enough and never settle for less than what they know lives in their Soul. A person born on the 16th of January has many talents, and will turn to artistic expression at some point in life, at least holding onto a hobby that helps them express.

As if they were born dancing and singing, they will enjoy doing so day in and day out, and their creative side can be manifested through all forms of art, from music to fashion. Their designs will make their home and homes of those around them prettier, and they will excel at jobs such as those of designers and artists. The crystal those born on the 16th of February should consider is alunite, or also named Angel Wing.