November 13 Birthdays

With my obligatory disclaimer that accurate astrological readings of different people require examination of their chart as a whole rather than just their basic-ass sun sign because ascendants, moons, planetary placements and dominant signs matter too! Most of the folks dug up as examples of BDE so far have fallen right into the patterns of the understated, mysterious but not in a try-hard way category of celebrity.

The words of the day are Understated but Irresistible, exuding power and balance without flexing. You get a Gemini with a Leo ascendant and a Sagittarius moon?

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Donald Trump. Decidedly not a BDE contender. A Gemini with a Cancer ascendant or Pisces moon?

Louisville Times, Volume 91, Number 4, January 26, 2005

You get Kanye West. Not BDE, too much flex. Yet, Taurus Blanchett with her Aries moon and Taurus ascendant has just the right amount of give-no-fucks, play smart and not hard attitude to exude the BDE out of every pore of her being. They extra, they own that.

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Your charm offensive begins this Tuesday, when voluptuous Venus vamps into your sign and first house of appearances and identity until November 1. And note, the radiant Sun will be riding shotgun for a solid week of that annual Venus tour! Over the past several weeks, you may have been in low-power mode with the love planet hiding out in your secretive twelfth house.

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Know what you want because you CAN manifest it! Enjoy the flirty vibes, but try not to let the popularity go to your head. NOT a pretty look for you.

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Once you recharge your own batteries, carve out ample quality time for bae. Show your appreciation for everything they do for you. And make sure you have a few sexy tricks up your sleeve to keep things interesting! Aha, good point, Scorpio! This realm also rules helpful people, including employees, virtual assistants and outside service providers.

So over the next two weeks manifesting time of this lunation , start asking around for suggestions. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories.

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