As Mercury gets deeper into its retrograde it brings with it a myriad of lessons that come through your most important partnerships. Keep reviewing them. Try not to rush through them. Many of the systems that we live within tell us to keep going. To power through. To rise above. But when it comes to the heart, so much of our development happens in the struggle. Love your partnerships enough to wrestle with what is there so that you might be better able to love them in all their complexity and beauty.

The boundaries that you develop and adhere to here will serve you for a long time to come. This week asks you to get familiar with the edges and boundaries of your deadlines. Responsibilities weigh heavily on your time table. Like fruit too burdensome for the vine, your projects need you to labor in their fields so they can eventually be set loose on the world. As you do so, remember those that your work serves. Remember how the work might be helpful once it gets out in the world.

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Remember that if you want to make an impact there are things that you have to put up with. Like days that are too short.

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Like weeks that are too long. Like things going wrong. How can you take responsibility for your way of working given the conditions that you are in? The obstacles that are in front of you need to be met by an incredibly exacting use of your time. With Mars moving into your 5th house of creative energy, projects and productions, you have a powerful ally at your side. Mars rouses your passion, but it needs to be channelled with precision. Consider the ways in which you might put this energy to use. Ways in which you might direct it towards the creations that encourage you to recognize your own strength.

Ways in which you can focus yourself to get done what you need to, then revel in the pleasures and passions that await you. There is power in getting grounded. There is an energetic force of life to connect to. There is support at your base. Look back at what has driven you all this time. Since childhood. Since before birth. Since your memory began.

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  • What has been the through line of your life? What desire has dominated your decision making? What need motivates you most? As Mars spends the next 6 weeks in the part of your chart that deals with all of your in security issues, you get to experience the power of securing a connection to yourself. Security is a state of being. Mars wants to help you become a master of this method of being.

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    As Mercury works its way through its retrograde, it asks you to deepen your study of your creative energy, projects and pursuits. What do you need to be more mindful of in regards to your energy? What do you need to give yourself permission to create? What do you need to allow yourself the freedom to experiment with while developing the discipline it takes to understand it from all angles? As Mercury routes around the base of your chart and life, it pulls up all kinds of forgotten facts. Receiving confirmation of an old wound can be healing, but it can also be re-triggering.

    Take time with what you discover. Take time with what is coming to light.

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    Take time with what and how you review your past as you parse out what it might mean for your present and future. As Mars moves through Scorpio for the next 6 weeks, it works on awakening your appetite for pleasure. For passion. For gloriously dirty dalliances.

    For the pursuit of all things beautiful in your life. There is a creative power and potency that you are afforded at this time. One that has a confidence in its own abilities. A swagger in its step. A sauciness in its sentiment. Leave time and space open to explore this aspect of yourself. Help the energy find appropriate channels to be poured through.

    Invest in what helps you feel potent. Encourage your inner flirt to find places and spaces where it is appreciated and able to play. Apply patience and persistence in your most important communications. Make sure you get a chance to communicate what you need to and then let go of any expectations about the response. Your schedule may be unfairly packed solid at this point. Do your best to teach yourself the power of no. There are most likely things in your day to day life that need to be reassessed.

    You may need to wait until after Mercury has completed its retrograde December 22nd , but you can use this time to revise any necessary escape routes or exit strategies. As Mars moves into Scorpio for the next 6 weeks, it will be up-leveling your ability to develop your resources. Go for what you want. Defend, protect and serve your sources and resources of income. Be a brave warrior for your professional life. You might notice that one of your greatest assets is your courage. Put it to use as much as you need to in the coming weeks. This is your time to experience the power that you possess to support yourself and the projects you are passionate about.

    It is incredible fuel for creating change. Or for destroying everything in sight. The more we hold it consciously, the more we can direct it creatively. Conspiring with others that are interested in mastering their tools of transformation. With both Mars and Jupiter in your sign you are prone to be more connected to your power. To hep this along try to meditate on it. Sense it. Allow yourself to sink into your strengths.

    Remind yourself of them. Situate yourself so that they are central to your days. To your creations. To your entire set up. The Wheel of Fortune indicates that one is coming. But don't be too worried. This card sends the message that nothing is permanent. Good luck, bad Yesterday Today Tomorrow Weekly Monthly Weekly Monthly Today's Star Ratings Your general mood.

    Sex Hustle Vibe Success. Card of the Day Wheel of Fortune Are you ready for a shakeup? Read more. The Sagittarius sensibility is endearingly optimistic, so this is an excellent season to be bold, embark on new adventures, and reignite our joie de vivre. Since June 16, Neptune — the planet of dreams and fantasy — has been gliding backwards, screwing with our subconscious desires and distorting reality. Luckily, this Wednesday, November 22, Neptune stations direct and resumes its forward facing march.

    From now until the next Neptune retrograde on June 18, , pathological paranoia will dissipate, and we will have an easier time delineating fact from fiction. Uranus governs innovation, technology, and very unexpected surprises, so keep an eye on your emails and DMs: You may receive shocking information through a digital channel this weekend! As the sun barreled through the Scorpio constellation, Aries were inclined to explore their darker, edgier sides. Though the past few weeks offered important moments of reflection, fiery rams generally prefer to take action and get shit done.

    On Saturday, November 25, Uranus in your own sign is activated by Mercury in Sagittarius, illuminating your first house of self. Stay alert — you may receive unexpected news this weekend! While other signs balk at surprises, spontaneous Aries are tantalized by unanticipated information. The past few weeks have been all about relationships, partnerships, and twosomes. On Tuesday, November 21, however, the sun refocuses your attention inward as it glides into the Sagittarius constellation.

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    Sound familiar? The eighth house is associated with Scorpionic themes, so even though Scorpio season is technically over, you have another four weeks to explore the darker side of life. On Saturday, November 25, a connection between Mercury and Uranus highlights your sleepy twelfth house of dreams and fantasies. If only life was always this easy. Gemini — the twins — know it takes two to tango, but when the sun moves into your opposite sign on Tuesday, November 21, Gemini will be even more committed to duality.

    Activity in Sagittarius illuminates your seventh house of partnerships, inspiring the most untethered Gemini to get cuffed.

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    Already attached? You may decide take your commitments to the next level over the next few weeks.

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    On Saturday, November 25, your eleventh house of extended community is activated by a connection between Mercury and Uranus. In need of some inspirational lyrics to summarize Sagittarius season? The sixth house sheds light on how we utilize the hours of the day. While some Cancers may abide by the system of thirds eight hours of sleep, eight hours of work, and eight of recreation , other crabs may decide to completely reevaluate their regimens. This weekend will be all about long-term strategy, as a link between Mercury and Uranus invigorates your tenth house of professional aspirations.

    Your big-picture goals will be illuminated on Saturday, November 25, so look out for some important career news over the weekend. While Leos may enjoy Scorpio season for a little while, they prefer to shine in a less moody atmosphere. On Tuesday, November 21, the sun scoots out of Scorpio and into like-minded Sagittarius, activating your fifth house — the area of your chart associated with fun, flirtation, and frivolity.