Twos make wonderful lawyers, politicians, and counselors because of their natural knack for assisting individuals in resolving conflict and finding solutions that work for all parties involved. In the tarot, the number two can be found on 6 out of the 78 cards in a complete deck.

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Among the Major Arcana cards the Hierophant, the card ruled by Virgo, has a two on it. This is a card that relates to institutions such as banks, government or organizations of power. It's also about tradition and the struggle with deviating from the norm or keeping true to the history of a culture. In these cards, the theme is choosing between two particular paths and the method or approach in making that decision.

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For the Two of Cups, you might base your choices using your emotions. The Cups are symbolic of feelings and relate to the water zodiac signs. There can be a strong inclination or gut reaction to a situation that compels you in one direction or another. Perhaps you feel confused and have nothing left but your instincts to help guide you along when a Two of Cups card is drawn.

The Two of Pentacles can be about a career decision or a financial matter that's at stake. You may need to make a choice between one vocation or even an identity over another.

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In this card, we might be looking at an earth-based reading. It's time to be practical. The Two of Wands relates to fire, and the Two of Swords relates to air. This is a time of new beginning and new thoughts. These cards are usually symbolized by the fire and air zodiac signs. If you have a card drawn that relates to your sign, you should lean into your personality to help you decide what's best for you.

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This is a really neat insight into the magic of a two-life path day. It's not easy to harmonize with others, but it's possible when you consider both sides of the problem, the theme of Libra season — balance! Sometimes people mistakenly think that in order to have peace or to bring peace into a situation where there is conflict It's superior to think of what works for yourself so that you have inner peace and also for the other person to be centered as well.


When two complete, whole individuals come together, their peace isn't to try to sway someone in their direction but rather to be true to themselves. To find out more, look for your zodiac sign below to find out what's in store for you, according to astrology. Here is your horoscope for today, Thursday, September 26, , plus a tarot card. Aries, life presents a series of tests, especially when you're about to have an important breakthrough.

However, remember that sacrifice may also very well be part of the picture, as your ego needs to be downgraded.

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How hard is that? Listening endlessly to music or watching obsessively old movies may bring you solace and guidance if it is not too painful in terms of memory. The lunar eclipse in your sign on the 24th should not be underestimated if born October 27th to 29th.

Your soul is going to be exposed to some extent in uncontrollable manner, as your psyche is screaming out to be heard and for a new view of life to get a chance. But by mid-April, emotions will start to get a little more intense. From April 17 to May 6, Mercury planet of communication travels through Aries, making it more difficult to hold back from saying exactly how you feel as soon as you feel it. At worst, it could mean spouting off harsh words that could wound a lover. Later in the month, on April 19 , the second full moon to fall in Libra the first was on the Spring Equinox , March 20 nudges us to get our relationships in balance.

With so many planets in Aries, the contrasting vibe of this peaceful full moon should stir up reflection around partnership and, perhaps, peacemaking. It may be time to put an end to an ongoing saga in order to land on solid ground.

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As Venus enters Aries, the sun enters down-to-earth Taurus, which could amp up our thirst for sensuality for the next four weeks. The Jupiter retrograde on April 10 will open up lucky possibilities for growth, while the Saturn retrograde on April 29 may bring back past opportunities. For the next several months, self-reflection is encouraged, especially around personal philosophies, values, achievement, and growth. How will these grounding energies affect your relationship? You might want to take a time-out from a partnership in order to see a relationship in a new light.

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Around April 20, the second full moon of the year in your seventh house of partnership provides a powerful reality check around an ongoing arrangement. Embrace your impulse to have a heart-to-heart, make significant changes, or even call it quits in order to reclaim a sense of balance and calm.

Read your full Aries love horoscope for While your key planet Venus moves through your twelfth house of spirituality from April 20 to May 15, you may find yourself spending solo time reflecting on your desires either within an existing partnership or your ultimate one.