The birth chart, like a mandala, is a sacred space within which there is total balance and harmony. Meditating with this sacred image allows you to return home to your primordial core as the energies of the planets and qualities of the Zodiac signs reflect and light up insights about self, relationships and our place in the family, world and cosmos. Is a totally unique birth chart drawn around a copy of your favourite photo self-portrait high resolution JPG to be supplied by you on an original zodiac wheel design and presented in a mm Deep Pol White square mount with backing card ready for framing.

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Accompanying the 'Astro-mandala portrait' is an 'Astro-guidebook' with personal astrological details and aspects chart illustrating the front cover. The 16 page guidebook contains information about the energy patterns and affirmations for the zodiac signs, planet keywords, details about the elements, Ascendant and house divisions and meditations with exercises and movements for harmonizing your chart.

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Included, is a short section describing personal potentials shown in the birth chart. The guidebook is presented in a cellophane topped gift box: the whole Astro package is a truly special and meaningful gift to yourself or another. Details as above plus A4 size booklet describing the significance of each outer planet transit with relevant personal questions to ask and details of the current year's outer Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto planetary aspects which significantly relate to your birth chart.

Please email details of full name, time, date and place and country of birth to info jeannehampshire. Please also attach a photo in JPG format to be used as the central image of your chart. If your time of birth is unknown, an Astro-mandala chart is constructed with a 0 degree Aries Ascendant and no house divisions. The short personal information section in the Astro-guidebook will be less accurate and detailed than 'known birth time' versions. Ruth Rochester 17 Jun The birth chart corresponds to the Union of Great Britain with Ireland. The Act of Union came into effect on 1 January The chart is set for Westminster.

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This chart repeats topics of earlier ones, like the Sun in Capricorn in the chart with Neptune in the first house. There are many other charts for foundational moments for England, and these add layers of meaning, that could be added if the article was longer.

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The astrology of nations. Empire of ships Neptune, the planet that rules the ocean is placed in the second house of resources in the chart.

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