She also shows where you need to keep your inner flame burning and what you need to take care of.

The Meanings of Asteroids in Astrology - Dreaming Souls

Vesta symbolizes sacred sexuality, kundalini energy, spiritual commitment, dedication, purity, diligence, self-discipline, focused passion and is service oriented. From the sacred fire we go to the Warrior Queen, Pallas Athena. Pallas Athena was skillful in battle and highly intelligent, with remarkable reasoning and logic. As the Goddess of wisdom, she was seen as a strategist and a tactician, and preferred to resolve disputes through wisdom.

She was able to make her decisions with logic, detachment and impartiality. She helped many heroes in their endeavors including Odysseus in his trip from Troy.

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Astrologically, asteroid Pallas shows where we have the ability to be objective, to use our intellectual skills and creative understanding. She shows the ability to recognize patterns and to understand complex communications, she understands and picks up the unspoken and subliminal messages. On another hand, Pallas symbolizes many modern women: the beautiful, intelligent, independent and career-oriented woman born in a world dominated by men, as such, she brings the strength of feminine wisdom to the house and sign she is placed in. Lilith has been quite distorted throughout the times.

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  • The Asteroid Signs?

She was praised for expressing her personal freedom and sexual passion. She is the natural feminine, the unconditioned woman, she is independent, fierce and bows to no man. She symbolizes true feminine power. All of us have a masculine and a feminine side independently of our gender, and asteroid Lilith represents in the chart where we have the impression of the undistorted female image.

However, if the energy is afflicted, it shows where we experience suppression, resentment, bitterness and anger. Ceres is our next asteroid, and what a story she has. Daughter of Saturn and Rhea, Ceres was the Goddess of agriculture and harvest.

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One day, while Persephone was picking flowers, Pluto opened the earth under her feet and kidnapped her. Ceres noticed her daughter was missing, and in her grief, she stopped taking care of herself and her duties, so crops started dying and mankind suffered from starvation. Persephone was not doing very well either, as she missed her mother, so Pluto allowed her to visit Ceres, but before she went, he offered her several pomegranate seeds.

Without knowing pomegranate seeds denote sexual consummation, Persephone ate them, validating and confirming her marriage to Pluto. When Persephone visited her mother, Ceres rejoiced but quickly angered after finding out Persephone ate the seeds and would have to return to Pluto. In the end, Persephone was allowed to visit her mother during certain months, at this time the earth was fertile, crops grew and prosperity abounded and spring was born.

JUNO – Goddess of Marriage

When it was time for Persephone to go back to Pluto in the Underworld, Ceres would mourn and grieve, ignoring her tending for the earth, and the fall season would take place. With all that said, astrologically, Ceres symbolizes parental nurturing. On the downside, she represents loss, mourning, grief, obsessive and overly protective behaviors, separations and difficult mothers in law!

Juno was worshiped in Rome and the month of June was named in her honor.

5 Asteroid Archetypes In Your Natal Astrology Chart

Zeus had many affairs and sired many children from those affairs, but Hera always stayed at his side faithfully. The dwarf planet Ceres is the largest of the discovered asteroids found between the orbits of the planets Mars and Jupiter. Ceres is named after the Roman goddess, Ceres. The Greek goddess equivalent was Demeter.

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With Ceres, there is a love of what is simple, natural, and good for you. There is also a strong need to nurture and protect, as well as to treat other living beings, including animals, with respect and reverence. The glyph, or symbol, for Ceres is represented here.

The ‘Big Four’ Asteroids: Ceres, Pallas-Athena, Vesta, and Juno

The crescent receptivity is placed over the cross matter. Ceres Tables: Find the sign of your Ceres.

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